March 29, Kinshasa, DR Congo

(On the occasion of a reception held at the home of Pastor François Tshidimu in honor of Nancy Myers’s visit and the receipt from KRMC of funds to purchase land for a school)



First and foremost, permit us to thank the Lord our God, the master of time and circumstance, for having permitted the encounter of this day. We welcome everyone.


We the youth of Bondeko Mennonite Church met on March 27, 2018 to reflect on the future of young Mennonites in general and of Bondeko in particular.


In addition to the fact that youth represent the future, we believe that youth are the key to the present, a measure of the survival and continuation of the Mennonite community in Congo and at Bondeko. Therefore it is necessary for us to be trained and organized.


Our discussions centered around the promotion, projects, and formation of youth in our congregation. We concluded the following:


·         We, the youth of Bondeko, express our profound gratitude to Pastor François Tshidimu Mukendi, head of the congregation, for his determination to see the youth flourish, and also for having facilitated today’s encounter.


·         We thank Madame Nancy Myers for her love and generosity toward our church and her involvement in the success of our projects.


·         We thank her also for the establishment of the partnership with Kern Road Mennonite Church through which we received scholarships, permitting the youth of Bondeko to make their way through high school and university.


·         We are profoundly grateful also to Kern Road Mennonite Church for financing the purchase of land that will permit the construction of the first private Mennonite school in Congo, which will contribute to the formation of the youth not only of Bondeko but also of the whole country.


·         We solicit a church-to-church partnership with the youth of Kern Road Mennonite Church with the aim of sharing experiences.


We address our warmest greetings to the whole congregation of Kern Road Mennonite Church. May the peace of the Savior be with you. Thank you.


Ignace Tshitoka, President of Bondeko Youth, and Francis Kabanza