Easter has come! Jesus has risen! Now what? Come join us on Sunday mornings for our new Eastertide series: My Heart Sings: Joy in Meeting Jesus.


Easter is not just a day. In the season of Eastertide, we celebrate the Risen Christ who brings us the gifts of joy and new life! In these springtime weeks, we’ll encounter the stories of people whose hearts sing as they meet Jesus. These women and men, some disciples and some strangers, have their lives turned upside down as they meet Jesus. Their despair turned into dancing. Their worst moments rescued. Their futures restored. Their hearts singing! In this series we celebrate new life in Jesus, our own transformation, and the joy that we might have if we are open to encountering Jesus. We’ll hear about the joy experienced by some among us as they share about songs that help their heart sing. 


"You changed my despair into a dance—

you stripped me of my death shroud and clothed me with joy!

That’s why my heart sings to you, 

that’s why I can’t keep silent—Yahweh, you are my God, 

and I will thank you forever!"

-Psalm 30:11-12, Inclusive Bible translation


Apr 28  Meeting Jesus in the evening    John 20:19-31           


May 5  Meeting Jesus by the sea            John 21:1-14               


May 12            Meeting Jesus at the table          Psalm 23                     


May 19            Meeting Jesus in a crowd           John 7:53-8:11            


May 26            Meeting Jesus in early morning John 20:11-18           



June 2  Meeting Jesus by the pool         John 5:1-15