During the Lenten season, many Christians pause to reflect on Jesus' last days and His sacrifice and sometimes give up (fast from) something in their lives that may keep them from reflection & thankfulness. Some people begin a new practice (praying or meditation, regular exercise, healthier eating, daily Bible readings, etc.) during this season in the church to help them focus on our Savior.

Our denomination, Mennonite Church USA, has provided a free resource for those who wish to dig deeper into this time and what it means to us as followers of Jesus. This resource, entitled Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast, promises clear accessible language that connects congregational worship and life at home, child- and family-friendly suggestions for responding to the season's themes and scriptures, and the opportunity to engage Christian practices and to consider how God is at work.

You can read more about this resource and download a digital-friendly, as well as a print-friendly version, by clicking here to access the MC USA website.

Let us know in the comments if you find this resource helpful and use it during the Lenten season this year.