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The center of congregational life is our Sunday morning worship, when our church community gathers together to celebrate our connection to God and to one another. Our worship series are based on the seasons of the church year, the study of various books of the Bible, our Mission and Vision Statements, and themes of Christian life and faith. We strive to use the gifts and talents of many different people in our church community to join in the planning and leading of worship, meaning a variety of worship styles are represented in our services. Sharing and praying together as a congregation is also an important element of worship at Kern Road.

At KRMC, we want worship to be an event in which:

  • we give praise and adoration to God, and open ourselves to hear and discern God's word to us with the help of the Bible, the Holy Spirit and one another;
  • we have opportunity for introspection and confession, and we experience the assurance of forgiveness and God's grace;
  • we celebrate God’s love for humankind, revealed through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ;
  • we share our gifts and participate in our gathered community, responding to God's call by offering our resources and ourselves to God's purpose; and
  • we study and reflect on the Bible and other topics as a community of all ages