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Pastor Janice Sutter brings the message on the sun as model and how Creation continually praises God.

Scripture references are Gen 1:14-16; Ps 19:1-6; Col 1:15-20; and Matt 5:43-48.

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This week Pastor Janice Sutter begins the Season of Creation series on Pentecost by talking about the atmosphere.

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Pastor Dave Sutter brings the message this morning on John 17:20-26, where Jesus prays for all believers who will follow the disciples.

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Kristine Regehr brings the message on John 14:23-29.

The season of Easter is a season of celebration.  Christ is risen!  Death is conquered! We celebrate the Living Story and the Living Christ among us!  We enter the 50 days of celebration anchored by Easter Sunday on one end and Pentecost on the other.  Our worship is grounded in praise, as we tell the stories of Christ’s appearances and ponder the promise of the Spirit.

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